Application for Graduate Studies, The First Semester of Academic Year 2016 (Regular Programs)

Online application for admission For Thai Applicants For International Applicants   There is a problem with this website’s security certificate   Details Relevant Documents Available Programs Bangkhen Campus Kamphaeng Saen Campus Si Racha Campus Chalermphrakiat Sakon Nakhon Province Campus General Application Information Academic year The academic calendar mostly consists of two semester (Two-semester system). The summer session is scheduled to meet the requirements of each. 1st semester : August – December 2nd Semester : January – May Summer Session : June – July Application Fee All graduate international applicants will be required to pay 500.00 THB for an application fee. Study Periods The maximum permissible period for the completion of a master’s degree does not exceed 5 academic years as deemed from the date of acceptance for study by The Graduate School. The maximum permissible period for the completion of a doctoral degree does not exceed 8 academic years for candidates with a bachelor’s degree, and does not exceed 6 academic years for candidates with a master’s degree. Students are to register for doctoral degrees for a duration of not less than 4 regular semesters, and students are to study for not less than 3 regular semesters at Kasetsart University Program Structure Master’s Degree Program The Master’s Degree structure consists of a curriculum with a minimum of 36 accumulated credits. The Master’s Degree structure is classified into 2 plans Plan A is a research oriented program which is characterized by two subcategories as follows: – Plan A1 consists of a minimum of 36 credits for the thesis. The departments or the programs may require additional audited class participation or involvement in further academic activities which are subject to attainment of achievements as determined by The Graduate School. – Plan A2 consists of a minimum of 12 credits for the thesis […]

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