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The Graduate School’s English Abstract Editing Service

The Graduate School offers all graduate students at KU the unique service of abstract proof-reading and editing. All editing is performed by the Graduate School’s own, native-English speaking editor.

Guidelines for Submitting Abstracts for Editing

  • Save your work in Microsoft Word format.
  • Submit your work to your advisor for revision.
  • Complete the GS01 form and include your name in English, email address, and telephone number for future contact.
  • Submit a hard copy of your work and the GS01 form to the staff at the counter in the Graduate School Building.
  • Forward a soft copy of your work to
    • Subject: Editing
    • Attachments: yourname.doc
    • Text: My work for your consideration.
  • Check the progress of your editing request on the Work Recording and Tracking System (WRTS) which is on the first page of the Graduate school website. An Abstract is usually edited and returned within one week.
  • Alternatively, students can collect the original hard copy from the counter officers.
  • Please complete a questionnaire file, which is attached with the edited abstract, and send it back to the editor’s email ( in order to evaluate our service.
  • Please contact the staff at the counter service for additional details.


  • A GS01 form is mandatory.
  • Please make sure you keep all of your original versions and your request numbers.
  • Before submitting work to the Graduate School, students should first have their work checked by their advisor, to confirm its suitability for detailed editing. Work that is submitted will be categorized by the level of errors found:
    • Level 1- Work with a low level of errors will be edited and returned directly to the submitter as described previously.
    • Level 2- Work with a medium level of errors will be edited, and a meeting with the submitter will be suggested.
    • Level 3- Work with a high level of errors is deemed unsuitable for editing. In this case, the submitter will be contacted and asked to rewrite the work, and to submit a new General Request Form (GS01) request form (the Graduate School will not do this for students).

For any further information, please ask at the counter on the ground floor of the Graduate School.