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Example of Thesis Format – Science Students
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Example of Thesis Format – Social Science Students

Guideline for Thesis Approval Form Completion

      Step 1: A Thesis Approval Form is included in the Final Oral Examination documents set available from the Graduate School. Additional forms can be purchased from the information counter on the first floor of the Graduate School building.

Step 2: Students are requested to select the appropriate template of the Thesis Approval Form at in accordance with student?s ID, study program, number of thesis advisory committee members, etc.

Step 3: Students are asked to complete the selected template with the font face used in their theses, however the font size and face of the template itself is not to be altered.

Step 4: The appropriate information can be directly typed in the textboxes provided in the template file. The positions of the textboxes are adjustable, as some versions of Microsoft Word have a tendency to distort the data fields.

Step 5: Students are requested to print the completed file on the Thesis Approval Form obtained from the Graduate School.

Step 6: Students need to submit the printed form to the Graduate School for assessment prior the submission to the Thesis Advisory Committee for signatures.

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Thesis Approval Forms Access


  1. The abstract must not be longer than one page.
  2. For consistency, students must use the same font as in their thesis. Students must set up the page the same as other pages of their thesis — the top and the left margin are 1.5 inch and the bottom margin is 1 inch.
  3. Students can type directly into the blue frame given and must justify wordings to left alignment.
  4. Do not adjust the blue frame or its width. If your thesis title is too long or too short for specified row space, students can add or delete more row spaces.
  5. In “student’s signature” and “Thesis Advisor’s signature” at the bottom part of the template, please use only 16 points of Angsana UPC font.
  6. Do not forget to change the color of the frame from blue to white before printing.
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Abstract Template Page
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TH.01 Thesis Review Form
TH.02-1 Request for Thesis Approval Form Printing